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Premium Swivel Seat Plates & Bases

Designed to fit original vehicle seats for Volkswagen T5/T6 and the new Volkswagen Crafter 2017+. 

Swivels have a 20mm offset pivot point, allowing the seat occupier more elbow room once rotated to face the rear of the vehicle. 

Finished in high quality powder coating and utilising an exceptionally
smooth, rattle free central bearing, the Aguti seat swivel plates are a
first-class product.

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    VW T5/T6 swivel with integrated base (115548/115549)

    By integrating the seat base into the swivel mechansim the seat stays at its original height. A handbrake adapter is included to reduce the height and adjust the angle of the handbrake which allows the drivers swivel to rotate freely. 

    Aguti crafter swivel

    VW Crafter 2017+ Seat Swivel (119249/119250)

    The new Crafter seat swivel is GTU approved and includes instructions on lowering the handbrake. The swivel will increase the seat height by 62mm. The high quality bearing allows for effortless rotation. 


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