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MACH 10 Air Conditioner

Leisure Vehicle Services are proud to introduce the Mach 10 air conditioner from Coleman-Mach. Smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the Mach 10 maintains the same high output cooling capacity and reliability. Popular for American RV’s, mobile broadcasting units and used extensively throughout the oil industry, the Mach 10 is a reliable, high output AC Unit.

Mach 10 Measurement

The Mach 10 Replaces both the Mach 3 Plus (8373D896) and Mach 3 Plus Roughneck (8473D896) models. 

The Mach 10 is available as a Roughneck as standard. 

Key Features

  • Cooling Capacity (BTU): 13,500
  • Electric Heat Capacity: 5,600
  • Electrical Rating: 240 VAC, 50Hz
  • Runnings Watts Standard: 1400
  • Runnings Watts Desert: 1695
  • Running Watts Heat Strip: 1800
  • Dimensions: L.965 x W.665 x H.300mm
  • Weight: 38kg